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Whether you realize it or not, “Pentecostal Church of God” is a brand. And like all brands, ours is much more than just a name, logo, and color palette; it is the way in which we are perceived. It is an expression of culture and mission. So what brand is our Movement? And how do we express our culture? That's what this brand and style guide is all about. 

Our goal in sharing this resource is not to create red tape or regulations—ultimately your brand (including logo, colors, etc.) is developed exclusively by you and your leadership team—but we do hope that you will approach those matters intentionally in light of what we have produced.


This brand and style guide is a set of values, attributes, and artwork that we feel reflect the heart of the Pentecostal Church of God. As we all journey through this process together, you will notice that the style guide will adapt and grow accordingly; new details always require new definitions. But regardless, the guide provided here is a continuing standard of excellence that will equip you to communicate as One Mission—One Movement with clarity and consistency.




We celebrate the work of Acts 2, where the Spirit of God empowered Christ-followers to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth. To be Pentecostal means identifying with the belief that God is still in the business of saving the lost, equipping the found, delivering those in bondage, healing the sick, and performing miracles.



As a church, we exist outside the walls of a building. In fact, to be “the church” is to be “the called-out ones,” united by faith in Jesus Christ. So for that reason, the church is not just a local assembly, but it consists of people from every nation and language who are committed to worship God and serve others through love and generosity.

of God


These last two words designate what kind of church we are. If we know God to be relational, loving, creative, etc., then the presumption is that we are reflecting His character to the world. To be “of God” implies wholeness, Spirit-dependence, accurate preaching of the Word, excellence, diversity, and much more.

What is our mission?

To impact eternity by the power of the Spirit.

The story of Jesus Christ changes lives and even has the power to alter someone’s eternal destination. If the Great Commission calls every person, every church, and every nation to make disciples, then it is our responsibility to boldly share that story and model Christ’s likeness to everyone we meet.

Learn more about how you can impact someone's eternity >

Why do we exist?

To proclaim Bible truth in real-time Pentecostal power.

Jesus came to save the whole world, but people all over are still in desperate need of an encounter with His presence. That’s why church is more relevant than ever. As the Pentecostal Church of God, our method involves…

P | Pursuing His Presence || Exalting the Lord

C | Contending for Mission || Evangelizing the World

G | Growing the Movement || Edifying the Church

How do we accomplish it?

We live as One Mission—One Movement.

As a global church with a global mission, we are declaring His name until the whole world hears. Our vision depends upon multiplying our global footprint by training ministers, growing existing churches, and planting new churches, all to transform cities and nations with the love of Jesus.

Learn more about our strategic plan for a decade of harvest >


What exactly does it look like to live as One Mission—One Movement?

  • Living in sacred cooperation with the Holy Spirit

  • Operating with real-life, real-time anointing

  • Seeking 1st-century results in a 21st-century world

  • Proclaiming the full gospel to an empty world

  • Every person, church, and nation living missionally

  • Celebrating stories of life-transformation

  • Applauding diversity more than uniformity

  • Peace making more than peace keeping

  • Engaging relationship over regulation-ship

Brand Components

Each item listed below contributes significantly to the communication of our brand. Simply click to view the resource guide we've developed for each item.

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Looking for resources or creative assistance?

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More about this brand & style guide

This brand and style guide has been adapted for use in the Pentecostal Church of God. In our development and design process, we didn't reinvent the wheel. We actually referenced guides produced by Catch the Fire and Life.Church Open Network. They're doing a lot of great and creative work for the Kingdom, so check out what they're doing and maybe they'll inspire you too.

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