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Our mission

The Ministry Intensives have been specifically designed as a source of functional training for ministry multiplication. Developed at and hosted by the International Mission Center of the Pentecostal Church of God, the Ministry Intensives are a year-long experience developed for those who desire to advance new ministry, broaden existing ministry, and walk worthy of their calling.

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What will my experience look like?

It's easy to feel isolated and exhausted in ministry, so we're here to help. The Ministry Intensives actually involve three unique phases––the pre-assignment, the onsite intensive, and post-activation. During the pre- and post- phases, you'll have the flexibility of learning from home, and you'll be paired with an expert in your selected field, a leader who will coach/mentor you through any reading or learning exercises designed to resource your ministry. During the onsite intensive week, you'll travel to Bedford, Texas, where you will engage in both classroom and field study, all within the context of community.


  • Deepen understanding of Spiritual Formation

  • Sharpen communication skills

  • Develop life-giving relationships

  • Observe healthy and fruitful ministry

  • Cultivate a 21st-century ministry context

  • Receive personalized coaching

  • Create a personal vision/philosophy of ministry

  • Utilize leading-edge resources

  • Flexible online & onsite learning approach

Where has God called you?

Each student will have the ability to select an area of emphasis in one of our three different ministry tracks, each with its own expert track leader and coaches. These are intended to help shape your understanding of ministry, while also strategizing for greater missional effectiveness. So which track interests you?

Church Ministry

Youth, worship, missions,

women's, etc.

Church Planting

New churches, church expansion, multi-cultural ministry, etc.

Church Coaching

Existing pastors & leaders increasing in ministry effectiveness

What about the schedule?

The IMC Ministry Intensives are really a year-long process. In the spring, you will receive strategic coaching for leadership. Topics of study include Spiritual Formation, Effective Communication, and Visionary Leadership among others, each tailored to your chosen field of study (or track). In the fall, you will have exclusive access to a more specialized and hands-on style of training, which has been developed by your track leaders––experts in church ministry and church planting. The terms do not have to be completed sequentially, so feel free to start in whichever season works best for you!

Pre-Assignment (March): 

Students will be contacted by their track leaders and coaches for a personal touch and to answer any questions, and they will begin to guide you through any readings or learning exercises. At this point, students will begin to read their three required textbooks.

On-site Intensive (March 23-26): 

Students will travel to the DFW Metroplex, where they will engage in on-site instruction, training, coaching, and networking at the International Mission Center of the PCG (Bedford, TX). The basic schedule for the week is as follows...

  • Monday (7:00 pm) – Intensives kick off with a keynote session with Dr. Wayman Ming Jr.

  • Tuesday (8:30am - 4:30pm) – General sessions & breakouts with track leaders & coaches

  • Wednesday (8:30am - 4:30pm) – Sessions & skills labs with track leaders & coaches

  • Thursday (8:30am - 12:00pm) – General sessions & breakouts with track leaders & coaches

Post-Activation (April-May): 

Students will engage in several activation steps (provided at the on-site intensive), which will catalyze growth and prepare them for the upcoming term. These activation steps will require bi-monthly 1-on1 conversations with their coach, monthly video-conference calls with their group, and continued readings or learning exercises.

What about the details (travel, lodging, etc.)?

Don't let the travel details hold you back... We firmly believe that this opportunity could be a defining moment in your life and ministry, so we're doing our best to help. Here are a couple of important things to note... (1) We have some lodging options available for you. You're more than welcome to book a hotel, but at your request, we have the ability to either refer you to a host home or house you at the Messenger College Commons. Spaces are limited, so let us know if this might be something you're interested in. (2) The DFW Airport is only 8 minutes from the Messenger College Commons and 15 minutes from the IMC (where all classes are held). You may want to rent a car, but Uber or carpooling may be an option for you as well. (3) During your stay, we will be providing 3 dinner meals for all of our guests. You will be responsible for any other meals or snacks.

As if $189 isn't good enough... It gets better.

We believe a full year-long program like this is worth much more than just $189 / term. But guess what? We've decided to offer a radical discount to any Pentecostal Church of God credentialed minister––only $99 / term! And even better yet, if you're not a credentialed minister and would like to be, upon approval we'll take your initial payment and use it to credit you 3-months worth of credential fees! 

$99/ term

for credentialed ministers

(10% discount for spouses)

$189/ term

for non-credentialed ministers

Interested in the Ministry Intensives?

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2701 Brown Trail

Bedford, TX 76021



Advancing new ministry, broadening existing ministry,​and equipping you to walk worthy of your calling.

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