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Our logo is a symbol made up of an image and some text that helps us (and others) quickly identify our thriving brand. The logo is the cornerstone of the brand, and it is a statement of our unique contribution to the world. Having been designed intentionally, the logo reminds us of our mission and purpose. Our hope is that you would consider following these simple guidelines in order to ensure that our logo always looks its best.


The logo mark (or icon) is the most clear and recognizable part of our brand. It has been carefully crafted as an icon that resembles both a flame and a dove. Of course, both of these images are also biblical symbols, which have their own meanings.

The Flame


  • In Scripture, the presence of the Spirit is often marked by fire. On the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2), flames came to rest upon each one of the disciples. And from that day forward, having been filled with the Spirit, they also carried the flame of evangelism, being empowered to witness to the ends of the earth.

The Dove


  • The image of the dove symbolizes the presence of the Holy Spirit as well. When Jesus was baptized, the Spirit descended upon him in the form of a dove (Luke 3). Of course, the dove also functions as a messenger, which connects to our mission today to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation.

Primary Logo

Stacked Logo

Logo Guidelines

It is important that the appearance of the logo remains consistent in order that it not be misinterpreted. Though the guidelines below cannot be adequately regulated, we hope that you will sincerely consider them and avoid modification or addition. Under ordinary circumstances, the logo’s orientation, color, and composition should all remain as indicated in this brand style guide.



Ensure that the logo contains clear space (or padding) all the way around each side in order to ensure legibility and visual impact. The minimum amount of clear space around the logo should equal roughly the radius of the circle-shaped logo mark.

Logo Misuse


Do NOT distort, stretch, or warp the logo in any way.

Do NOT change the typeface or manipulate the icon.

Do NOT apply a gradient to or change the color of the logo.

Do NOT rotate the logo.

Do NOT use the word mark (text) without the icon.

Do NOT use or apply any version of an old PCG logo.

Do NOT add an outline or border around the logo.

Do NOT rearrange the order of the stacked logo.

Logos for Churches, Districts, and Departments


If we are really One Mission—One Movement, then it is our belief that the branding of the Pentecostal Church of God should reflect this message. With that in mind, we wanted to create a logo that could be shared and customized by any PCG church and district, not as a regulation for uniformity but as a demonstration of unity. Of course, we do recognize that each church and district possesses its own website, events, and social media channels, so matters of branding and logos are ultimately your decision. However, the following illustrations are provided to resource you and your branding needs. The examples below are recommended for churches and districts and are being modeled at the International Mission Center by our various missions and ministry departments.

Choosing the Right Logo


PCG Logo.png

Primary Logo

Where possible, always use the primary logo in landscape format and in standard color. If there is not enough horizontal space (like in a design for a long vertical banner), only use the stacked logo format. 

Church / District Logo Variants

Should your church or district desire to take branding queues from the Pentecostal Church of God, we recommend developing a logo similar to the example provided here. But if in doubt, always defer to the primary logo.

Stacked Logo

The primary logo in landscape format should always be the first choice, unless there is not enough horizontal real estate in the design. In such cases, use the stacked version of the logo in standard color.

Logo Mark

Using the logo mark in isolation should be used sparingly and only in cases when the Pentecostal Church of God brand has already been well established. While the icon can exist without the wordmark, the wordmark should never exist without the icon.

Choosing the Right File Type


Whether you’re creating social media graphics, printed bulletins, web pages, or church signage, it is important to select a file type that matches the scope and size of the project.

Digital - PNG or JPG

These file types can be used for almost any digital purpose. PNGs are especially useful because they permit transparency, allowing logos to be placed on colored backgrounds or on top of other images. These file types are great for:


  • Presentations

  • Letterheads

  • Social media graphics

  • Websites and blogs

Print - EPS or AI

These file types are vector-based, meaning they can be scaled as large or small as is needed without distorting the quality of the graphic. They are used for printing and editing purposes and are commonly used as “master files.” Use this file type for:


  • Printed items (like flyers or brochures)

  • Signage (like large banners or posters)

  • Clothing, stickers, and other merch


Download the Logo Pack

All PCG logos are available for free download. Simply click the button below. For any questions, contact our team by emailing communications@pcg.org.

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