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Editor’s Note: Throughout the Centennial Celebration, starting June 26 and concluding June 27, the General Convention convened in order to conduct its biennial business meetings. Following the director and auditor’s reports, the convention proceeded to discuss the resolutions on the floor, as well as to cast its vote for General Bishop. On this page and the next, we intend to provide a short recap of two historic events that took place. For official minutes of the two-day session, please refer to the upcoming edition of the PCG General Bylaws handbook.

On Thursday morning, June 27, the General Convention of the Pentecostal Church of God passed a historic resolution stating that up to two leaders in good standing from each represented nation may vote for the offices of General Bishop and General Secretary. With the challenge to live as a “global church with a global mission” in view, the resolution aims to recognize the leadership and influence of its global representation.

In many cases, these global leaders serve hundreds and sometimes thousands of constituents, yet at convention, they have had no representation or opportunity to vote for their American leaders. Consequently, in an effort to harmonize faith and praxis under One Mission—One Movement, this particular resolution affords an opportunity for international leadership to have their voices heard in the election of the the PCG Executive Officers. In fact, one national leader stated, “I believe this resolution supports the idea of PCG as a global church. The privilege of voting strengthens the institutional ties between the American church and the other churches around the world.”

What a beautiful sight it was as many of those present from around the world registered and received their yellow lanyards, which signified their right to vote. As the lanyards were placed around their necks, some even shed tears of gratitude. Following the Centennial, we received the following statement from one such leader: “It gives me great pride to be a part of One Mission—One Movement. We foreign leaders are greatly appreciative for the opportunity to now vote for the leaders in the USA. However, what matters even more, and what I am most pleased to state, is that we now possess the authority to represent the Global PCG Movement, and we are now recognized as being a part of it.”

Due to the nature of this resolution, elections were allowed to proceed following the convention’s decision, thereby immediately allowing these same leaders to cast their votes for the office of General Bishop. In the first ballot cast, Dr. Wayman Ming Jr. was re-elected, now to serve in a four-year term.

With the passing of this resolution, the PCG World Missions Department affirmed the fact that unity in the body was solidified. One PCG missionary even shared the following: “This decision shows an openness and honor.” And another commented, saying, “It is a step forward in the Pentecostal Church of God. We are truly becoming a ‘global church with a global mission.’”

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