ALABASTER BOX: The Alabaster Box Ministry is a means of encouraging each woman to cultivate an intimate relationship with God through prayer, praise, and plentiful giving. When women pour out their offerings, they are giving back to God out of a heart of worship. Alabaster funds support the national Women’s Ministries of the PCG and help provide for its many out reach projects that are making a difference to a world in need.

LIGHT ANOTHER CANDLEEmpowered Women’s Ministries has been proud to support Messenger College by providing financial assistance to help in the provision of immediate needs. It is a privilege for to undergird the college in the training our future ministers, missionaries and educators.

Because YOU GAVE:

In 2017, Empowered Women from around the nation joined together to raise $12,000 to help Messenger College in the purchase of new furniture for student housing.

MC students, alumni, and faculty say THANK YOU for your generous donations in 2017

AHIKAM CHILDREN'S HOMEAhikam is a home founded in the city of Poptun, Peten, Guatemala in 2010 for girls who are in trouble. Most of the girls have been molested, or their sisters have. Many of the girls have been on the streets, or Ahikam has intervened to keep them from ending up there. Their caretakers have died, abandoned them, or turned on them. Around 15% of these girls are pregnant when they arrive at Ahikam. The average age of the girls is 13 years old.

Ahikam Spanish Video

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