Each year women from across the Pentecostal Church of God are given the opportunity to join the network of Empowered Women’s Ministries.


Through I-CONNECT, women of all ages are able to connect with one another and the PCG. Personally, I believe that I-Connect is more than just a group of women from across the country signing up for another membership; it is the opportunity to join hearts and hands to build and advance the kingdom. Together we can stand for a mission that is so much greater collectively than individually.

So what are you waiting for? It won’t be the same without YOU! Please contact your local church or district office and give your gift of $5 and become a part of EMPOWERED WOMEN’S MINISTRIES through I-Connect today. Let’s amplify the sound of Heaven together.

​This printable poster highlights women's ministries and encourages women to register

(click to download).

Women's Ministries Group Registration Form

To download a Women’s Ministries Group Registration Form for printing, please click on the links below. Completed forms should be mailed to your district Women’s Ministries Office.

ENGLISH registration form
SPANISH registration form​​​​​​​​

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